• Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Corporate Governance

Astra Industries adheres to Corporate Governance practices set by the provisions of the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by Capital Market Authority (CMA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Companies law and Astra Industries  Articles of Association

AIG Bylaws establishes the mechanism for a sound corporate governance system that improves strategy, performance, compliance and accountability in line with  international best practices

Astra Industries is diligent in its approach to reporting financial results and its ongoing communication with investor community, as well as fulfilling its disclosure obligations

The Board of Directors and its committees like Audit, Nomination & Remuneration and Performance & Investment committees continuously support strong corporate governance practices and regularly review the effective implementation of corporate governance practices

The group has independent internal audit function established separate and governance risk and compliance function

Board membership policy
Code of conduct
Related parties policy

Contact Information For Potential Illegal Activities

Complying with the group policy, any stakeholder may approach the company at the below email address with any potential illegal activity while the company shall provide him with the necessary protection, whistleblower@aig.sa